Arlington Pointe is not your typical rehab facility.


Centrally located in Middletown, Arlington Pointe Nursing & Rehabilitation offers a new vision in Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Care. Integrating the best medical science in all aspects of care, Arlington Pointe utilizes real-world therapies to revitalize your body, strengthen your confidence, and get you back to living your fullest life.


Built in 2016, Arlington Pointe Nursing & Rehabilitation welcomes short-term patients and long-term residents in its state-of-the-art 110,000-square-foot facility. Arlington Pointe is one of seven local facilities owned and operated by the Health Care Management Group (HCMG).

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Letter to the Editor: From the Greater Cincinnati Hospitals

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"...Awesome facility. The rehab room was very impressive, and had the full gamut of daily activities - everything from getting in and out of cars and loading groceries, to a bedroom environment...Everything I saw was top-notch."
        - Mayor Larry Mulligan, Jr.
       (Journal-News, 9 March 2016)

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